Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Final Stretch For Alias!

Sadly, they are cancelling the TV show Alias. I've been watching this show since the 2nd episode! It's been off the air for several months for a long winter break (maternity leave for Bennifer Garner), but it will return on Wednesday, April 19. I'm so happy to see it finally returning. Some rumors are that ABC forgot to give it a timeslot. It's endured pretty bad ratings due to the shows that it gets positioned against (West Wing, for instance), so it was doomed anyway.

If you're a fan of the show, the "countdown" thread to the April 19 episode is at SD-1.net. This episode is titled S.O.S. and the next one is titled Maternal Instinct. Expect to see Irina in these... I posted about the season premiere back in September. Looking back at that, I still love the line from Marshall (uber-geek who we should all look up to!!!):

"I encrypted it with 4096 bit encryption and it will take him years to figure it out. But that's OK because he's a butt."

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