Thursday, March 16, 2006

Quick Tip - Restoring Mail File (SnTT)

We all know that the Domino mail file storage architecture lends itself easily to restoring a single user's mail file. However, this tip may help save you some time in the event that someone needs a message restored that they have soft-deleted and which has subsequently been removed from the trash. I know, why delete something if it's important enough to need recovery? But it's bound to happen and we admins will have to make it right.

The problem with trying to restore that deleted document is that the client will automatically clean out the trash if the current date is past the number of hours specified for the soft-delete setting. The workaround is to restore the file and before opening the database in the client, open the database properties (via Administrator client) and change the soft-delete expiration time (in hours) in the advanced tab to be a value no greater than 65,535. Another workaround is to change your PC date to be the same date as that of the database you were restoring.

I also prefer to restore the file to a location outside of the Domino Data directory due to the potential that the Update and/or Indexer tasks could perform the hard deletion prior to your being able to change the database property.

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