Monday, March 27, 2006

A Different Kind of Conference This Week

This Wednesday through Friday, my wife and I will be going to THIRSTY :: 06. It's a conference for church worship leaders and those who work with college students. We will be going with our worship leader, his wife, and one of their daughters. We're really looking forward to this time to be a refreshing and renewing time for us! Have fun with IT - I plan on being disconnected most of the time and maybe catch up on some political/religious blogs in the evenings.

My wife sings on our praise team and I play electric guitar. We do some amazing music - most of it new and sometimes some new takes on old hymns. A lot of it is music by those associated with the Passion organization that's putting on the conference. You should check some of it out at the Passion website.

Now Playing: "Repentance" by Ultimatum

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