Thursday, July 26, 2007

Curiosity Killed The Cat

But not Curious Mitch. In my thread asking for new bloggers, Mitch Cohen pointed me to his blog (mostly related to Quickr and Sametime). It's been a good read and he's fairly active. And since I've been working with Quickr lately, it's very timely.

Also, don't miss Bob Baehr's blog. He already has a countdown to Lotusphere 2008 - 177 days from now if you're wondering. We're now closer to LS08 than to LS07!

Can't Delete Person from NAB? (SnTT)

So, after upgrading a server from 5.0.2b to 7.0.2FP2 this week (the clients were 4.6.7!), I did a lot of cleanup and added the LocalDomainAdmins group. I know for a fact that at one point I renamed in ACLs the old admin groups as well. I was also able yesterday to delete a good many old accounts.

Well today we were unable to delete accounts. So I did the usual ACL checks on the NAB and even explicitly added my account. Everything was cool, but I got an error that I wasn't authorized to perform the operation (clicking the "Delete Person" button).

No errors in log. Nothing on the console. Nothing in DDM. Nothing but an error. So I go into Full Access Administration. Nothing. So then I decided to check Admin4.nsf ACL. Sure enough, LocalDomainAdmins was NOT in there! I know it was because I was looking through catalog.nsf verifying things yesterday.

But, I was then able to delete an account. And I also added LocalDomainAdmins to every db....

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye!

Just got back from catching Transformers!!! Excellent movie... You have to see it in the theater, though, unless you have a big screen tv - but that may not do it justice either. The AV sequencing was amazing. It was a great unwinding for today...

If you want a ringtone, check out this page with some transformers mp3 tones. The "transforming sound.mp3" is a cool one for a message alert... :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Linux NSD Tip

Generally with the Linux NSD files you will find the "Input arguments" line with the -crashpid and -crashtid. For example:

Input arguments : -batch -crashpid 4459 -crashtid 134 -wrapper

Of course you can find out which process is running by searching for just the pid number compared to the processes listed in the Notes Process Summary section:

notes R .. 3347 3337 -bash -c /Domino/lotus/bin/server
notes R ... 3568 3347 /Domino/lotus/notes/latest/linux/server
notes R .... 4459 3568 /Domino/lotus/notes/latest/linux/http

So we've already determined that the http task was the crashing process. But here's another handy search:


Just put in the crashpid# then a colon followed by the crashtid# (Note that if the tid# is 3 digits that there should be 1 space between the colon and the tid. If the tid is 2 digits there would be two spaces - basically it's expecting up to 4 digits for the tid# with the leading digits being spaces instead of zeroes). This should help out in finding a db that may have caused it.

In this instance we would search the NSD for: 4459: 134

When that string is found, then you know that you're looking at the actual crash thread for the crashing process. For instance, you may see the following section:

Version = 43.0
SizeLimit = 0, WarningThreshold = 0
ReplicaID = 0x85256e42:0x034ece60
bContQueue = NSFPool [ 0006dc45]
Offline = No
DeleteInProgress = No
FDGHandle = 0xf024057a, RefCnt = 9, Dirty = Y
SemContQueue ( RWSEM:#0:0x029d) rdcnt=-1, refcnt=0 Writer=[ : 0], n=0, wcnt=-1, Users=-1, Owner=[ : 0]
By: [ http:4459: 90] DBH= 311, User=Imperial
By: [ http:4459: 134] DBH= 371, User=CN=User Name/O=Org

So, with this tip, you are able to determine that something in the Path/DB.nsf application was the cause of the server crash.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where Are The New Bloggers?

I've been thinking and it's been a while since I've seen some new faces in the Lotus Blogging community...

With that being said, I would like to welcome two new bloggers.

The first is Michael Smelser. He's a colleague of mine here at Lotus 911 and makes the 5th Blogger here!! It looks like Mike may be focusing on dev - looking forward to it.

Also, let me introduce you to Bryan Kuhn. He's a former colleague of mine and he's been updating his blog a little more lately. Bryan focuses on BES and Dev (though not at the same time) at his blog.

Also, Ed Brill (and others) linked to two new sites in the past week - and, so check em out if you haven't already.

Anyone else out there have a new blog and just starting up? Would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top 5 Side 1 Track 1 - My list

OK, so I've been tagged to list my favorite 5 album openers. Hmmmmm....

Virtue and Vice - Holy Soldier's Last Train - 1992 - Awesome opener for H5 dealing with the inner struggle of good and bad in us all. This is probably one of my all-time favorite albums too!

Paradigm Shift - Liquid Tension Experiment's self-titled album - 1998 - LTE was actually my first taste of Dream Theater. Crazy, right?

Where Moth and Rust Destroy - Tourniquet's Where Moth and Rust Destroy - 2003 - I really dig their older speed/thrash stuff, but I'm more into their newer sound and this song really defines that for me.

Surfing With The Alien - Joe Satriani's Surfing With The Alien - 1987 - Amazing song followed by stellar album that still defines Satch!

Welcome To The Jungle! - Guns 'N Roses Appetite For Destruction - 1987 - Not only was this the Side 1 Track 1, but it was Disc 1 for them too. Truly definitive song followed by other songs that are GnR!

OK, so I need to tag 5 others. Not sure who's been tagged (I've only seen Nathan and John's posts on this), so here we go. I'll even go outside the Notes community some to start this up for others... :)

Phil Randolph
Bryan Kuhn (no, you can't pick Every Rose by GnR!! ;) )
Jen Whisonant
Jen Wade
Greg Simmons


Friday, July 13, 2007

Start 'Em Young!

otibm, originally uploaded by topherssgtp.

Just thought I'd share this pic of little OT wearing his IBM bib! Never too young to start, eh? :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Notes Client Debugging Parameters

I like to dump this section of parameters into my Notes Client notes.ini file. It's all commented out and you can just remove the semi-colons as needed to enable more or additional logging. If you can think of any other options let me know, but this is a good base.

;-----Notes Client Debugging Parameters-----

p.s. - I'm doing this as much for my record in case I need to debug a remote client I can just hit my blog for this reference... :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Me as a Simpsons Character

Since everyone else is doing it, here's what I guess I would look

Go here to get your own Simpsons avatar.