Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top 5 Side 1 Track 1 - My list

OK, so I've been tagged to list my favorite 5 album openers. Hmmmmm....

Virtue and Vice - Holy Soldier's Last Train - 1992 - Awesome opener for H5 dealing with the inner struggle of good and bad in us all. This is probably one of my all-time favorite albums too!

Paradigm Shift - Liquid Tension Experiment's self-titled album - 1998 - LTE was actually my first taste of Dream Theater. Crazy, right?

Where Moth and Rust Destroy - Tourniquet's Where Moth and Rust Destroy - 2003 - I really dig their older speed/thrash stuff, but I'm more into their newer sound and this song really defines that for me.

Surfing With The Alien - Joe Satriani's Surfing With The Alien - 1987 - Amazing song followed by stellar album that still defines Satch!

Welcome To The Jungle! - Guns 'N Roses Appetite For Destruction - 1987 - Not only was this the Side 1 Track 1, but it was Disc 1 for them too. Truly definitive song followed by other songs that are GnR!

OK, so I need to tag 5 others. Not sure who's been tagged (I've only seen Nathan and John's posts on this), so here we go. I'll even go outside the Notes community some to start this up for others... :)

Phil Randolph
Bryan Kuhn (no, you can't pick Every Rose by GnR!! ;) )
Jen Whisonant
Jen Wade
Greg Simmons


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