Thursday, June 24, 2010

Honduras Updates Days 4 and 5

On Tuesday, we started the day at a school in the area near Santa Fe Baptist Church. We did puppets, crafts, Bible stories, and games with the kids there. After lunch, we came back and did a door-to-door campaign with our translators through the neighborhood there at Santa Fe. It was great to see the youth coming out of their shells some to go up to the doors of people they don't know and invite them to the church that night. After this, we had some services at the church for kids and adults. With some spare time beforehand, Jody did some magic tricks with red foam balls and the kids thought that was great. Then we did some other songs with puppets and a different Bible story with the Kids. At the same time, Evans was preaching for the adult session. Jody has some pictures and more information here.

On Wednesday, we had another great day. We started the day at Japon school. Just 10 years ago, this school was in shambles and had very few students enrolled. The pastor at the church on that street felt a call from God to start a feeding ministry each morning for all who were enrolled in the school. Now, 10 years later, the school is nearly full (probably 150-200 students) and they are still providing breakfast for the kids - for most of them, this is their only meal of the day! And the school also has a brand new computer lab (with new computers donated by the Honduran President and, I believe, the mayor) because of their tremendous progress. Also, they have won some other awards for being such a great school in the county. Here, we also did puppets, crafts, Bible stories, and some futbol/games with the students. In the afternoon, we went to the SOS orphanage. Many of the kids here (up to 17 years old) have lived there for their entire lives! We ministered to the kids there for a little while, and will be going back there this afternoon. Jody also has a Day 5 blog post here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Honduras Days 2 and 3

Thank you for your continued prayers for us here! It's been a great trip so far. Jody posted an update on what we did on Sunday (Day 2), so I won't spend much time on that. But I will reiterate the awesome times of worship that we had. I didn't recognize any of the melodies from the Sunday morning worship, but there were several from the Sunday night service at the mother church that were familiar. I know enough Spanish to recognize the phrases that we were singing. It was very powerful to konw that there are Christians all over the world worshiping the same God! Also, our youth that are here did a great job at stepping right in and working with the kids and youth here.

Today, we spent the day working on building a shed for one of the 10 church plants as well as painting their building inside and out. They are in a new 2-room facility and it was a blessing to help them do some of these much-needed things as well as do some cleanup outside in the area where their kids will be playing and learning scripture. It's been a long, hot day! And again, it was great to see all the youth step in and get dirty and covered in paint alongside the adults.

We're now getting ready to hit the ground running tomorrow with more ministry to children in the area. Continue praying for our team!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Honduran Soccer anyone? (Day 1 of Mission Trip)

We had a great day to start off yesterday here in San Pedro Sula! We're getting acclimated to the time difference and meeting lots of new friends. Last night, we went to Jerusalem Baptist Church to work with their youth group. Before the worship and preaching, we were asked for 5 US and 5 Honduran male volunteers. Turns out it was so that we could play a pickup game of Soccer. And I was a volunteer for this! :) Umm, yeah let's just say we didn't fare too well haha. But our girls team did!

Then we had a time of worship (in Spanish) and we had two youth (Lauren and Joseph) give their testimonies with the translator. Great job guys! After this, Jody preached from Titus 2 and had a wonderful analogy to start with. Trapeze artists can do some amazing things, but they would be severely hindered if they didn't have a net. Christ is our net to fall back on and he wants us to live for him! (There's more to the message, but I don't have much time).

Also, Jody updated the KFBC Students blog with an update from yesterday too.

So continue praying for our team as we are ministering here. Thank you.