Friday, July 22, 2005

NSD Troubleshooting

This is another one from my internal FAQ. I've been dealing with some tough NSD issues with Lotus Notes crashes. The following suggestions are from Lotus support. One or all of them may need to be done and it still may not correct the problem.

- Delete the temporary folder in Windows Temporary drive
- Rename cache.ndk, bookmark.nsf, and/or desktop6.ndk
- Try to narrow it down to what database is causing the Client to crash. Work in one database at a time and see what database might be causing the crash.
- Is the user sending encrypted mail to anyone at the time of the crash?
- Please bring another Users ID file to this users machine and do the same actions the user did to cause the crash, and see if the crash still occurs.
- Create a local replica of the database(s) suspected to be causing the problem
- Reinstall Notes
- Get the default ID file from the server
- Run nightly utilities on the database(s) - fixup, updall, compact
- Is there one customized database that is in common that crashes for both users or are these 6 different databases?
- Do other users have access to this database, and do other users also click on the "Match invoice" button in these databases? Do those users workstations crash as well?
- What happens if you bring one of these two user ID's to your own local workstation, and try to access these customized databases on your OWN machine. Will it cause your client to crash? If so please go ahead and send me the NSD's.
- Please give yourself access to all 6 (?) of these customized databases and click on the same button that forces the Client to crash. Does Notes crash when using your own ID?
- Check to see if Sign mail and Encrypt mail is checked off for this user.
- Remove printer/scanner drivers from the system

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