Monday, June 21, 2010

Honduras Days 2 and 3

Thank you for your continued prayers for us here! It's been a great trip so far. Jody posted an update on what we did on Sunday (Day 2), so I won't spend much time on that. But I will reiterate the awesome times of worship that we had. I didn't recognize any of the melodies from the Sunday morning worship, but there were several from the Sunday night service at the mother church that were familiar. I know enough Spanish to recognize the phrases that we were singing. It was very powerful to konw that there are Christians all over the world worshiping the same God! Also, our youth that are here did a great job at stepping right in and working with the kids and youth here.

Today, we spent the day working on building a shed for one of the 10 church plants as well as painting their building inside and out. They are in a new 2-room facility and it was a blessing to help them do some of these much-needed things as well as do some cleanup outside in the area where their kids will be playing and learning scripture. It's been a long, hot day! And again, it was great to see all the youth step in and get dirty and covered in paint alongside the adults.

We're now getting ready to hit the ground running tomorrow with more ministry to children in the area. Continue praying for our team!!

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