Sunday, June 20, 2010

Honduran Soccer anyone? (Day 1 of Mission Trip)

We had a great day to start off yesterday here in San Pedro Sula! We're getting acclimated to the time difference and meeting lots of new friends. Last night, we went to Jerusalem Baptist Church to work with their youth group. Before the worship and preaching, we were asked for 5 US and 5 Honduran male volunteers. Turns out it was so that we could play a pickup game of Soccer. And I was a volunteer for this! :) Umm, yeah let's just say we didn't fare too well haha. But our girls team did!

Then we had a time of worship (in Spanish) and we had two youth (Lauren and Joseph) give their testimonies with the translator. Great job guys! After this, Jody preached from Titus 2 and had a wonderful analogy to start with. Trapeze artists can do some amazing things, but they would be severely hindered if they didn't have a net. Christ is our net to fall back on and he wants us to live for him! (There's more to the message, but I don't have much time).

Also, Jody updated the KFBC Students blog with an update from yesterday too.

So continue praying for our team as we are ministering here. Thank you.


Jen Dub-ya said...

Thanks for blogging, honey! Happy Father's Day...grateful for your heart to spend it being about your Father's business in Honduras! LOVE YOU!

Sarah said...

Yeah, thanks for updating Chris, Happy Father's Day to you!!!