Friday, March 3, 2006

A "More Secure" and "Easier to Manage" System From Microsoft

I saw this from Colin Williams earlier in the week and have been meaning to post about it. In the Windows XP tour, there is a "Best for Business" section. In that you should click the "More Secure; Easier to Manage" link. This will show you this image:

Don't believe me? If you have Windows XP, open IE and type in the following:

(On my work and home PCs this works, a colleague said that you may need to replace "WINDOWS" with "WINNT"...)

According to Colin, you can see the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award sticker on each server. The AS/400 (formerly iSeries, now i5) won it in 1990. It's the blue ribbon with the gold medallion most noticeable on the far left server. Compare these systems to the AS/400s here.

I will say one thing, the graphic MS is presenting of these 16 year-old systems is one of a platform that is indeed "More Secure" and "Easier to Manage" (than Windows)!

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