Tuesday, March 7, 2006

SMTP Routing Question

I have a quick SMTP question that I know someone can answer... I have been working with our ISP on this over the past week. They have had to make some DNS changes, but it still wasn't working.

We are trying to send mail to atmc.coop. Using my standard dnsstuff.com utilities, I get the following reports:

DNS A Record Report: "No A records exist for atmc.coop"

DNS MX Record Report: mail.atlantictelephone.org and mailrelay.atlantictelephone.org.

From my location, I cannot resolve the DNS for that (naturally, since there's no A Record). But, I cannot deliver mail either. I did put a host table entry for the server on my iSeries. This does allow mail to route. Other mail servers route to it fine. Apparently we're the only ones with an issue. And, as the mail server administrator, this is the only server to which we're having trouble with mail delivery.

The question: Is this a Domino SMTP issue (or do I have something configured incorrectly)? Should mail routing not look up to the mail routing (MX) records for resolution instead of just looking up to the DNS A record? I have looked through the help file as well as some devWorks searches.

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