Thursday, March 2, 2006

Notes Toolbar Tools I Use (Show-n-Tell Thursday)

I would like to briefly highlight three excellent utilities I use on my Notes Toolbar as custom buttons. Chime in if you have any other utilities that help make your Admin life easier...

1. Paste Information Application This is an extremely helpful utility provided by Alan Lepofsky. Basically, the toolbar button allows you to pick from a list of Rich Text documents that you can have routine information typed into. I have a copy of this located on a server that my entire team can use. We use it for canned replies to users. This is a huge time saver for me. The less time I have to correspond with users, the more I can devote to my other projects.

2. Document Viewer This is an OpenNTF application that I overlooked until I heard Bruce Elgort mention it in the last podcast. After downloading it, the installation documentation is in the "Docs" tab on the OpenNTF project page. This lets you have a toolbar button that will display all of the fields (field type, name, and value) on any document in any view. You should really get this if you hate weeding through the Notes Document Properties dialog box for the fields... (Will this ever get "enhanced" to be resized and show more information about the fields without having to scroll so much?) But I digress - that's why this tool is so handy!

3. Remote Server Console Just create a button with the following formula: @Command([AdminRemoteConsole]). This will bring up a console window that can be used to view the live console and send commands. Requires an Admin client to be installed.

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