Friday, March 17, 2006

Sametime server defensive fix for Notes instant messaging

This is the fix that we've all been waiting for! (I did not initially post about it but since the hotfix is a public document now I feel OK doing so.)

Sametime server defensive fix for Notes instant messaging

"To obtain the Sever-side defensive fix, please open a PMR with IBM Technical Support."

It is a server-side "fix" that will disconnect any IM users in the Notes Client who are causing the DOS attack against the IM server. Whatever works! Please note that the fix is for Sametime version (Or 6.5.1 HF1) and not for 7.0. I understand that the fix is still being ported to Sametime 7.0.

I have been running the fix for about 10 days now without any issues. But we have also been rolling out 7.0.1 Notes Client the past several weeks (which provides a client-side fix). We have about 55% of all Notes Clients at 7.0.1 now - we are rolling through the Smart Upgrades quickly! I figure with the server-side fix and 7.0.1 clients we shouldn't see the problems any longer. As always, I'll keep you posted.

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