Monday, March 27, 2006

Notes 7.0.1 Upgrade - Spell Checker Feature Not Available

We've only ran into this twice so far, but I'm afraid it may happen more if people try spell checking. After upgrading to Notes 7.0.1 via silent, smart upgrade, a user receives an error that the Spell Check feature is not available. For one user, the smart upgrade was failing because the MSI package was looking for the old network share for the 6.5.4 setup.exe file. So, I had to manually run the upgrade in order to see that this was the actual problem. But prior to that, I notice this in the setup wizard on an upgrade to 7.0.1 from 6.5.4:

I may submit a PMR about this just to see if others are experiencing this. It seems like for some random reason the setup does not enable all of the options previously available. But this may just be a snafu since we've upgraded 78% of all users to 7.0.1 with only 2 known cases of this.

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