Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Blogroll Additions

I try to keep a short blogroll, but I just wanted to inform you of 3 recent additions.

Derek Punaro - Keyboardist extraordinaire! I was able to hang out with Derek some at JamFest 2006 and he rocked out on a few songs. From his site: "Our primary audience is our family and friends, and while we realize other people may stroll through our space from time to time, we make no apologies if there is more information on here than you care to read." He has some good Domino info there too - including his uneventful Quickplace install...

Don McNally - Don was a guest blogger at Matt and Jess Stratton's site on some Show-N-Tell posts. He now has his own space on the Internet! Judging from his SNTT posts, it looks like Don will have some good Domino tips and code.

Ted Hardenburgh - I actually met Ted at Lotusphere. I believe he was one of the brave 100 souls to attend the session Kim and I gave! I stumbled on his blog just a couple of weeks ago when I was looking through Technorati for something. As his domain states, he has Domino Thoughts for all of us. He has some good posts and updates on his family as well. Also, he may post on his son "Andrew has Cystic Fibrosis, and while he's doing very well, you'll read about what's going on in his life regarding his treatments and our efforts to help find a cure."

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