Monday, April 24, 2006

Blackberry Connect For Treo, Take Two

As I posted Friday, I had BB Connect for Treo working. However, as I posted over at Tony Kelleran's site, it was not without issues:
The messaging and calendar sync were cool, but I didn't see a native option for synchronizing the address book (would one have to buy a 3rd-party application to do this?). Again, I know that BBC for Treo is far from official for Cingular, so I can't really complain too much.

Also, I could NOT get the Internet browser to connect. From reading at blackberryforums, some users stated that you would have to disconnect the BB service and then connect the Media Net service. I was unable to do this, and it would be highly cumbersome.
So, a Treo 650 with BB Connect is a great idea (even though the only thing I like about the device over my 8700 is the camera), not having Internet access is not cool. I know this will be working when it's an official release. I guess you could call what I loaded an alpha release that works with the Singapore carrier. However, it was great to get my hands on the software and try it out. I work for a Cingular reseller, and have known the guy over our wireless sales division for about 14 years. He's a die-hard Treonaut and I would love to get him off of the VersaMail POP access to our mail server onto something more stable and useful. Someday we'll get it working with the official release and I'll be sure to blog about it.

Also, they are setting up a Nokia 9300 on BB Connect today too. As Tony posted, the device has some great features, but I found it very clumsy and bulky when I handled it Friday.

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