Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dream Theater Performance With An Orchestra

According to Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater performed with an orchestra at Radio City Music Hall on April 1st, 2006. They did a two set show with an encore. The first set is without the orchestra and the second set and encores feature the orchestra (no mention of which orchestra it was, but conducted and arranged by Jamshied Sharifi). The show will be made available on DVD and CD and is sure to please!

Looking at the orchestrated set-list, we see:
Set #2: (Band & Orchestra)
SIX DEGREES OF INNER TURBULENCE - This was a 2-disc release with over 90 minutes of music! There was no song with this title - does this mean the entire album is done?
SACRIFICED SONS - This was a 10 minute song about 9/11.
OCTAVARIUM - This is a 24 minute song!

Encore: (Band & Orchestra)
METROPOLIS - Another 10 minute song...

All I can say is this should be amazing. From Mike Portnoy's site, it was shot with 11 High-Def cameras...

Some DT Trivia: They performed a show in New York and were set to release an album titled "Live Scenes from New York". The release date of the disc was 09/11/2001 and below is what the original cover looked like. It was pulled from the shelves ASAP, but what a horrible coincidence...

Now Playing: "The Glass Prison" by Dream Theater

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