Sunday, April 9, 2006

BES 4.1 Upgrade (and Downgrade)

Judging by the title, you can probably tell that my upgrade was unsuccessful. Let me do a recap (as much for me when I call RIM tomorrow as for the readers).

First of all, I thought I would just upgrade Domino from 6.5.4 to 7.0.1. No problems with the Domino upgrade (as usual). So then I got out my BES upgrade checklist. I should have stopped when the configuration database could not be backed up using the BlackBerryDBBackup.exe command. I was getting a C++ error. I pressed on since we are using a SQL backend and it is backed up regularly. So I proceeded with the BES setup.exe.

I chose to install the full package of BES plus MDS. None of the documentation stated that TWO additional SQL databases would be created (MDSS and MDSS_DIR). This is in addition to having to update the current BESMgmt database. I was able to successfully update the BESMgmt database and then it was to the point of rebooting. After coming back up, the setup program continues.

It was at this point that the two new MDS databases would be created. My SQL user account already had the required SA (Server Administrator) and DB Creator authority as noted in the upgrade manual. After successfully creating the MDSS database, I received an error stating that the database could not be updated. In the BES logs folder, there is an Install sub-folder with installation logs. Looking at this I could see that the problem was that the SQL DB_VERSION table in the MDSS database could not be updated with an INSERT of the new version data. So I paged our Network/SQL admin group and got someone to look at the database. Come to find out, the DB_VERSION table didn't even exist! I'm glad the install program created it properly... Back to the story, I had the SQL admin manually create the table AND give me owner access to all of the other tables. It seems that the install program didn't grant that authority either! Then I was able to INSERT the records for the version and proceed with the setup.

After this, I get to the next to final option. Two more clicks and I'm home free and should be able to get Sametime working (since we have a need for that, hence the upgrade). So I'm at the point where the install program is going to need the location of the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (or 2005) Driver. I didn't have the driver installed, but the installer gives you the location for download. After downloading and installing the driver, the installer cannot find the DLL. I think that possibly a restart would be in order, so I do that and come back to the installer. It still cannot find the file. I uninstall the SQL driver and reinstall it to the D: drive where my BES is installed. It's a no-go! The installer apparently cannot find a file that exists on the system!!

So after this, I was basically dead in the water. I would have to downgrade to get it working because for some reason I don't have weekend support (the things done to save a buck...). So I uninstalled BES 4.1 and was going to load BES 4.0. Can anyone guess what happened? I didn't have (nor could I find) a full installer for BES 4.0 SP3 that supports Domino 7. So after loading BES 4.0 I got an error stating that the notes.ini could not be located. So I just installed Domino 6.5.4 over 7.0.1 and then ran the BES installer again. During this install, it found that the BESMgmt database was at a "Pre-4.0 level" and could not proceed. So I call my SQL guy again and he sees that in the BESMgmt database there is a ServerDBVersion table that has a record for 4.0 and 4.1. So he just removes the 4.1 record and the installer was happy. Things came up fine and I loaded SP3 for BES to be fairly up-to-date. Now my BES is active but still at 4.0...

To do this week:
- Find a full installer for BES 4.0 SP3 so I can load Domino 7.0.1 and not have to downgrade Domino later.
- Find out why in the world the BES 4.1 installer couldn't find the SQL driver!! Not happy about that!
- Find out where my SQL guy wants to go to lunch because I owe him!

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