Thursday, September 29, 2005

Alias Season 5 Premiere!

WOW! What a premiere. I'm missing Vaughn already though...

So, they bring in the Bennifer pregnancy to the show and now Sydney is going to have to vindicate the death of her child's father. This should be interesting. This was a really great episode. My wife and I have been a faithful viewer of Alias since the 2nd Episode of Season 1. We even watched an episode once in our room when we went on a cruise to the Bahamas - it's that good!

I loved Marshall's line - "I encrypted it with 4096 bit encryption and it will take him years to figure it out. But that's OK because he's a butt."


Walt Whitman said...

Vaughn isn't dead Nut...It was a closed casket funeral and we never saw a body in the casket. I am telling you that Vaughn just went deep undercover to resolve the issues with 500 year old DNA research!!!!

: ) Talk to you later!!!!

Chris Whisonant said...

That's what I'm thinking too - nobody ever dies on Alias!