Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Story Behind The Pictures

If you went to the following picture and read the caption, you would think that this was done in front of a good size crowd:

US Military on Yahoo! News

But you wouldn't know to check out Little Green Footballs. Check out the following picture taken from the opposite side of the protestor showing the crowd gathered. It's self-explanatory - the media crops out the image that shows no protestors!

Getty Images


Greg Simmons said...

If only the "huddled masses" would learn that the same thing applies to the TV camera lens and the newspaper writer's keyboard.

Sad that most people take everything they hear in the media as gospel.

gregg eldred said...

That little green footballs is a heck of a site. Like an independent oversight of the media and a lot of good stuff on there. Quite eye-opening. Thanks for the link!

Chris Whisonant said...

Yeah, I just heard about it yesterday on Rush. It's a good site - enjoy!