Friday, September 16, 2005

Rebuilding New Orleans

OK, so am I wrong to thing that we need to rebuild New Orleans in another location on higher ground? Last night the President said that "the Federal Government" will be footing the 200 BILLION dollars it will probably take.

First of all, "the Federal Government" has one means of income - taxation (Look here for a great tax plan before the Congress...). So, we, the American people, will be the ones ultimately footing the bill.

Secondly, regardless of who is footing that $200,000,000,000, I would hate to see another cat 5 hurricane come in and flood out the city and us have to pay billions again (not to mention the other devastation to human life).


Chris Whisonant said...

Dr. Mohler has written about this today also.

Nineveh, New Orleans, and the City of Man

"Cities do not last. Those built in precarious places collapse. The rest are doomed to decay or suffer humanly induced destruction." That is the assessment of historian Felipe Fernandez-Arnesto. He spoke those words with reference to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but his historical judgment would well apply to Nineveh, Tyre, Babylon and a host of cities long ago covered with dust.

anonyman said...

Chris, you are absolutely right...every time I hear them say they are going to rebuild...I keep saying to my wife....and a bit higher right?????

Let's bring the ground level up maybe 10 feet ABOVE sea level and then start rebuilding eh???

Chris Whisonant said...

Definitely! Are you from canada, eh? =) Haven't heard from you in a while!

They'll probably just rebuild where it is now...