Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Server Update

Sametime 6.5.1 FP1 for iSeries - I'm still having my STMUX crashes. Development is seeing that an exponentially growing large number of connections is causing the STMUX task to go over the bounds of an array. This is what's causing the STMUX task to crash (thus causing the server to hang).

Domino 7.0 for iSeries - I have scheduled to upgrade our production iSeries this Friday evening to Domino 7.0 from 6.5.4 FP2. My cluster iSeries has been at 7.0 since September 29 without a problem. I have 3 DPARs and will be upgrading 2 of them to 7.0. The third is my IM server which will stay at 6.5.4 FP2 until we resolve our STMUX issue.

Snappshot - I got an email today from Rob Novak stating that Snappshot 7 is available. Snappshot is an application that collects IM logs. We tested this last year and it worked well. But we decided not to persue the Big Brother route. It was a great product that works on the iSeries. If you need a chat logging application, I highly recommend this!

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