Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Domino 7.0 for iSeries Debugging Already

I am actively working with Lotus Support on an HTTP issue that is crashing my
server. By the time I called in, they already had an SPR open with two
sites running debug code. I am loading that debug PTF tonight and there are now three other sites running it. Personally, it looks like they will have a hotfix coming out for this (PTF).

Also, if you check out IBM Technote 1202068, I was having a similar semaphore issue with the message "WAITING FOR FRWSEM 0x0244 database semaphore". After I upgraded to 6.5.4 FP2, as the Technote stated, I didn't receive that error any longer. Also, the Technote stated that it was fixed in 7.0. I have had one server hang already today with the same semaphore error. Basically since Monday I have had 6 crashes due to the HTTP issue and one hang due to the Semaphore issue. I may be opening a PMR for the semaphore issue, but I'm also working on that with the same analyst working with my HTTP issue.

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