Friday, November 4, 2005

Lotusphere JAMFest 2006

I plan on bringing my Jackson electric guitar!

This is the announcement direct from Rocky's Site:

Are you ready? You've been waiting for this for some time - you've been patient (kinda), and you've had some fun guessing. Well, it is finally here - IT IS TIME FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT!!

(Drumroll please...)

The Lotusphere team is proud to announce the details for Lotusphere JAMFest 2006! The description that will be posted on the Lotusphere site is below:

New for Lotusphere 2006! The world only sees one aspect of you - the "uber-geek code-warrior" that wields an IDE like a katana, cutting a swath through the IT problems you face every day. However, they never see the other side of you - the frustrated headbanger, blues rocker, or pop star who was only one American Idol-type break away from superstardom.

Well, here's your chance! We're proud to announce the first annual Lotusphere JAMFest 2006! Beginning Monday and Tuesday nights we will be providing you - all you Ziggy Stardust wannabes, Eric Clapton protégés, or Neil Peart idols - the opportunity to jump on a stage, pick up an axe, pair of sticks, or mic, and rock the house with your awesome riffs or stunning vocals. Of course, "encouragement" will be available for the needy, but for many of you that isn't necessary - all you need is a stage, an amp, and an audience to shred.

So, tear yourself away from Quake 4, leave the geek backpack in the room, and don your best concert T-shirt for Lotusphere JAMFest 2006!

Will I see you on the stage?

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