Monday, November 14, 2005

Domino 7.0 Upgrade - Part One

Initial Thoughts

The upgrade went very smooth on Friday. The main item of concern for me was the DWA and IM integration. That worked without me having to do anything. Speaking of DWA, I really like the new template. It is now supported for Firefox. However, IM does not work in Firefox. One of the big let-downs for me in DWA 7.0 was the absence of folder-level unread items. I remember at the last few Lotuspheres that we were told to expect that in 7.0. It's OK that it's still not there, but it's just something that would be nice to have.

After the upgrade I was opening some application databases and was impressed that large views displayed instantly. This morning I'm monitoring CPU some more. Performance there is relatively the same as last week. However, I've noticed that the Directory Indexer task has been a little more active than usual.

However, we've been getting some really odd Client issues. We've had to delete cache.ndk on several computers (because users could not see any reservations in the Resource Reservation database...) and also have had to run some updall/fixups. It's really odd. We have seen a "CALENDARVIEWBROKER" error that Lotus had issues with back in R5! So, I'll get back to waiting on tech support to call me back.

Now Playing: That cool jazz song on Lotus Tech Support phone line!

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