Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Search Engine Hits for October

troubleshooting regular domino server 6.5.4 crashes - I don't know if any crashes are "regular"
0x0244 database semaphore - I believe Lotus has corrected this in 6.5.4 FP2 and 7.0
654 fp1 - Good fixes, but FP2 is out now
7100g screen - Plastic scratches somewhat like the Nano
acual video of janet jackson - I had to search that too - she had a "hit" from my graduation year
alias season 5 - It's been a GREAT season
always bridesmaid bride - That would be Moody
amount given to hurricane relief by southern baptists - Thanks to SBC - a good amount was donated!
b6000901 - Same answer as before - SLIP the LIC. Sorry…
b6000901' 'src' -
blackberry 7100g - It's been a good phone. Check out the 8700c!
blackberry 7280' 'speakerphone option' - N/A on 7280
blackberry version 4.1' - Looking forward to it
chris blog 'domino web access warning' - Wow, they're putting my name in the searches now. I feel special!
chris 'domino web access warning' -
chris whisonant -
cwhisonant.blogspot.com - Type that in the address bar and not the search window
cwhisonant.blogspot.com\2005_09_01_cwhisonant_archive.html - The specific page you're probably searching for on that link has been taken offline
dancing girls - It was a Lotus release thing - stop searching for that stuff here!
debug_tcp_all -
differences between updall and fixup - How much time do we have?
dltdomsem - You can call Lotus Support to get this command
domino 6.5.4 linux jvm problems - Ouch!
domino 6.5.4 system requirements' -
domino 7' 'administrator client' linux - You can use Webadmin with Firefox on 7.0 Servers - it's great
domino 7.0 comments - Personally, I think it's great! DDM and Fault Analysis…
domino fixpack 6.5.4 iseries apyptf - Remember to LOD first
domino web access warning refresh dismiss 6.5.4 - DWA errors are not fun. Hopefully my FAQ is helping
domino web access warning unable to process 7.0 -
domino web access warning' 'unable to process your request' 7 -
domino web access warning. Sorry we were unable' -
how domino transaction logging works - It's a complicated concept
illegal immigrants sued' won - Yep, they won somehow
im_show_status - Use this to disable Presence Awareness
install sametime on linux box - I haven't done this, but it's possible
installation lotus 'domino 7.0' windows hangs - Haven't tried upgrading Windows Domino server yet.
iseries 270 dst -
iseries and logs - Logging is a good thing
journal of the whills -
lost books of the bible - Again, there are none
lotus notes 6.5 easter egg - I'm still trying to figure out the webadmin egg for 7.0!
lotus notes 6.5.4 - 79% of my clients are at 6.5.4 or 7.0
lotus notes error message - Can you be more specific?
lsxodbc v5r3 - Make sure you have the latest CUME, Hiper, and DB PTFs
mozilla hostinfo.js -
nlnotes cpu time -
notes 6.5' easteregg -
notes 6.5 updates -
notes nsd - Set up Fault Analysis - blogged about it on 10/31/05
nsd error blackberry -
nsd.lotus' -
oil after katrina - It was ridiculous, huh?
originalmodtime lotus - This field has to be updated with current date via save on Policy and Settings documents
page cannot be displayed inotes lotus notes faq -
pub. l. 108-187, s877 - CAN-SPAM act, what a waste!
rock hill sc high school football - Rock Hill is good but Northwestern is not this year
sametime.ini -
scott wenzell - Whitecross! Awesome!!
script 'im_show_status' -
set config debug_capture_timeout' -
shortage of oil -
src code b6000901 - See above - SLIP the LIC
storyofnotes.wmv - Nice video, huh?
suretype t9 predictive - I like the BB 7100g SureType, but T9 is good too
upgrade to bes 4.1 - I believe you have to buy the upgrade
upgrade to lotus 6.5.4 - Go for it - FP2 is out, so get that loaded
use60htmlcode=1 -
v5r2 b6000901 -
waiting for frwsem - Should be fixed with 6.5.4 FP2 and 7.0
waiting for frwsem 0x0244 database semaphore' -
what does 'foot-in-mouth' mean? - Check wikipedia
whats your star wars name - Chrwh Prroc
workstation hardware services' - Yeah, these people kept spamming me…


Greg Simmons said...

and your point would be.....

Chris Whisonant said...

Just showing the hits. It's a cool thing to do... =)