Saturday, October 1, 2005

Are you happy Mr. Glover?

Well Jerry, it's the 3rd quarter and the Gamecocks are down to Auburn 41-0. I'm calling it quits! We've got 88 TOTAL yards right now and we suck!

I guess 2005 is the year for all the SEC teams to get back at Steve Spurrier. As we true Gamecock fans are used to saying "maybe next year..."


Jerry Glover said...

Sorry about that game Chris. I wish Blake Mitchell had started for South Caroline because it did seem a bit unfair for Heffner to have to make his first start against us. Good representation from your fans, quite of few of whom made the trip to Auburn and were quite spirited at the start of the game.

The dissappointing thing for me was that we didn't get the shutout which would have been Spurrier's first since he was at Duke. And you're right, your team is prolly gonna suffer quite a bit for Stevie's past sins; he never really hesitated to continue to put up points and there are plenty of coaches and teams in the conference that will be happy to return the favor.

Good luck with the rest of the season!

Chris Whisonant said...

I knew it would be bad but not that bad! haha. Thanks for the comments on the fans - we have a great set of fans who are used to handling defeat well! Man, when it was 41-0 I was kind of hoping you guys would get the shutout. I wasn't watching it, but we probably scored against your 2nd or 3rd string defense.

I think we have a good squad and Blake Mitchell has really looked good. If we can tighten up our Offensive and Defensive lines we should be pretty good. And there's no doubt we have a coach who can win in the SEC!