Thursday, October 6, 2005

Changes to Public NAB in 7.0

- IM
Presence Awareness has been enabled in the views and documents within the NAB. It looks like almost every field with a Name has been enabled for Presence Awareness.
- Open Mail File
In the People view and on the Person form I have noticed an "Open Mail File" button. This should save some time...
- Mail Settings Document
This could probably be covered in a topic in and of itself. Policies and Settings - if you're not using them you should start. With 7.0, a new Mail Settings option is available. With this you can basically set most, if not all, of the options in the Tools > Preferences dialog within the user's mail file.

This could be useful if you want to specify a default Letterhead for all users (or a subset via multiple policies). But the new option in here is to specify a Message Disclaimer (either Prepended or Appended to the message) for outgoing messages. This is pretty slick. I believe you will also have to specify the disclaimer for DWA on top of this. I'm glad to see this feature native to Notes mail now.
- Person Document
- Administration Tab > Notes Client Release fields - It appears that this has been reformatted into a wider table with multi-value fields separated by line breaks. It is much cleaner to see all the machines a user has been at.
- Server Document
- Administration Tab > Public Key Requirements - Here you can specify Minimum and Maximum Key Strengh for added security.

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Martin said...

You cannot forgot for changes in security policy, where you can specify the pattern for passwords.