Tuesday, October 25, 2005

NY Times Promotes Welfare

If you have had doubts as to whether the New York Times is set against the ideas of Conservatism, you should read this New York Times editorial from yesterday. I'll just quote a little bit from it - no explanation is really necessary.

The government must capitalize on the end of the era of perpetually cheap gas, and it must do so in a way that makes America less vulnerable to all manner of threats - terrorist, environmental and economic.

The best solution is to increase the federal gasoline tax, in order to keep the price of gas near its post-Katrina highs of $3-plus a gallon. That would put a dent in gas-guzzling behavior, as has already been seen in the dramatic drop in the sale of sport-utility vehicles. And it would help cure oil dependency in the long run, as automakers and other manufacturers responded to consumer demand for fuel-efficient products.

Still, raising the gas tax would be politically difficult - and for very good reasons. The gas tax, which has been at 18.4 cents a gallon since 1993, is painfully regressive. It hits hardest at poor people for whom fuel costs consume a proportionally larger share of their budgets; rural dwellers for whom truck-driving over long distances is an everyday activity; and the gasoline-dependent middle class, particularly suburban commuters, who, on top of living far from their workplaces, have been encouraged by decades of cheap gas to own large, poor-mileage vehicles.

Fortunately, those drawbacks can be overcome. A bolstered gas tax would raise huge amounts of revenue, roughly $1 billion for every penny of additional tax. Some of that money would have to be used to provide offsetting tax breaks to low-income households, such as an increase in the earned income tax credit.

First of all, are you serious?? Secondly, why do you want to pay high gas prices? Finally, the gas tax is supposed to be for maintaining roads and not for redistribution of wealth.

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Greg Simmons said...


Da! It is true that the government should redistribute wealth. As you can see, it worked so perfectly in Mother Russia.

What are these idiots thinking!?!?!