Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Update

Since you probably won't hear too much about the Southern Baptists' assistance (the #3 top organization in giving assistance for the Hurricane Relief), here is an update in an email my wife received yesterday:

Activity Report (as of 10/10, 10 a.m. EDT)

State Conventions Activated: 41
Total Units Activated: 342
Volunteer Days: 81,743
Meals Prepared: 7,200,450
Jobs Completed: 9,466
Showers Provided: 45,897
Laundry Loads: 10,463
Children Cared For: 6,449
Messages Sent: 2,628

Also, check out this information on monetary donations:

2004-05 contributions exceeded the approved budget by $12,496,728.55 and because of budget actions taken in September, the extra amount will be redirected to meet extraordinary hurricane recovery needs of Southern Baptists

These figures are for the Cooperative Program overages and do not take into account monies donated specifically to the "Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Fund". According to this article, and additional $4 Million was given to the Disaster Relief Fund. Two Christian philanthropists challenged the North American Mission Board and Southern Baptists to raise/donate $2 Million and they would match it. The challenge was met and that means that near $17 Million has flowed through Southern Baptist organizations for Disaster Relief!!


Greg Simmons said...

Yeah...amazing isn't it? The media won't report the good that churches do whether they are Southern Baptist, Catholic (the next largest religious group responding to the need) or Presbyterian. However, you let a scandal pop up and the media won't let it go.

I'm not asking for props from the media, I'm just asking that they ackowledge that even with all of our faults as human beings, we "church folks" really are trying to make a difference.

Shawn L said...


I'm okay the media doesn't care. Those who which to get rewarded by accolades have got their reward. Our reward is more in Christ and to be in him than the world liking us. Actually when the world hates we can remember that they hated Christ as well

Chris Whisonant said...

I know what you mean Shawn - but I believe we should be aware of the impact Christians have in our society!