Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Domino Domain Monitoring

I've been setting this up since loading 7.0 on some servers. This looks like it will be a great utility. There are many DDM probes that are available through the events4.nsf database.

Basically, to set up DDM, you open the ddm.nsf database and click on "Open Configuration" (this opens up events4.nsf). In there you have to specify the "Server Collection Hierarchy." In my environment, I am going to have just one main DDM collection server that gathers all of the data from my other servers.

After setting up the Collection Hierarchy, you just have to set up and enable probes. There are many different probe types:

Application Code
Operating System

The only problem I've had with DDM is that I'm still getting this freaky UI issue with Notes 7.0 only when I have ddm.nsf open.

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