Thursday, December 29, 2005

That's Customer Service!

Last night I placed an order at for a few items - so I could use the gift card I received for Christmas. I chose to pay online with the gift card and pick up in the store. Since we have a Best Buy about 4 minutes from my office I decided to just pick it up at lunch today. When the cashier handed me the items and said thank you, my BlackBerry notified me of a new email. I looked at it and it said "Thanks for picking up your order" from Best Buy. That was cool.

I know some people would think that's really cool technically. And while it is, it's still something that I do for a living. My wife asks our 2 year old what Daddy does and she says "Makes the e-mail". Pretty good answer! I think it's cool that shops are now doing those things, though.

Well, here's what I picked up, in case you're wondering:

David Crowder Band: A Collision

Star Wars - Clone Wars: Volume 1

Star Wars - Clone Wars: Volume 2

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