Thursday, August 31, 2006

T-Minus 5 Hours!

NCAA Football!!! Specifically, my USC Gamecocks kick off tonight at 8:00. My pal Jay Hardwick has some notes over at his blog. This should be an interesting season. As I stated at Jay's site, if our offensive and defensive lines have improved we should do well. Last year our offensive line just didn't keep it tight the whole game. Blake Mitchell took way too many hits. If he's improved some and has more time in the pocket, then both he and Sidney Rice should have great years!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First Picture of Peanut #2

Here's the first picture of our child on the way!! We're at about 12 weeks along, so it will be about 2 more months before we find out the child's sex.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

BES 4.1 Update

Ted has posted about Sametime on BlackBerry and MDSS problems. That reminds me that I've been needing to post an update.

Since my last upgrade failed again, I decided to punt. Since we got the new xSeries for our BES, I'm just migrating the accounts from the old server to the new server. But, this also means that I'm having to wipe and reactivate every BlackBerry we have! I've done 56 so far (out of only 106), so that puts me over the halfway point. According to RIM, I should have been able to upgrade if I would restore a pre-upgraded database. Unfortunately, this restore would have to be from April. Since we've added maybe about 30 BlackBerries since then, I decided it may be best to just cut over slowly.

In Ted's first post, he talks about the installation procedure for getting "Enterprise Messenger" (Sametime) loaded on the server. To accompany his post, here are some screen grabs I took a couple of weeks ago. I've been waiting for the right time to post...

In Ted's second post, he mentioned that his MDS Services (MDSS) install is not going well. When I was speaking with RIM, I actually had a problem loading MDSS on the brand new system with a clean Domino 7.0.1 install and BES 4.1.1! They said that I could either press on to get it installed or, as they suggest, run MDSS on a separate system in the domain. All of the Enterprise Browser functionality will work fine without MDSS. So, if you don't have plans to develop and push out custom applications, then you don't need to load MDSS. RIM stated that MDSS is a huge resource hog and it may be best for my environment to not install it.

Finally, our mail server crashed for a bit today and BES 4.1 with Domino 7.x performs failover!! I checked out the console and could see that it was redirecting requests over to our cluster server. Then it had a specific time that it was waiting for to retry the primary server. This worked well and was a much-needed enhancement!

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Curt Stone Has A New Blog

Our old pal Curt Stone has a new blog at "Curt's Island".

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Small World

We started back our Thursday morning men's Bible study today after taking off for the summer. We have a new guy to the area and the group. He said he does computer work at BoA, so I asked him what kind. "I administer AS/400s." I said - "me too!" That was pretty crazy to start a Thursday morning.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Camaro: Made In Canada!

So much for "American Muscle" - Chevrolet will be building the 2009 Camaro, but it will be built in Oshawa, Ontario!

The 2009 Camaro should be pretty awesome - time to start kissing up to the wife... :)


Friday, August 18, 2006

Go Get Sametime 7.5 GOLD!

It's official - check out Adam Gartenberg's post for all the details. Here's a screenshot from Passport Advantage Online!

I'm downloading now...

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Does Anybody Know When Lotusphere Registration Opens?


By the way, I'm not making it this year... We're probably going to send 2 others. I'll miss you all!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Guess What? BES 4.1 Upgrade Hosed Again!

Now I'm getting an SQL error regarding an ambiguous column name on the MachineName column. Looking at RIM's online support, I see that I will have to restore a pre-upgrade-attempt db to fix this. The problem with that is the first upgrade attempt was in April! And we've added many more users since then. I tried modifying that column to equal the machine name. I even removed a secondary record, but it was a no-go. I'll be calling them again tomorrow to see if there's some way to bypass this. It should be a mere matter of correcting data in the SQL databases, but since this is a RIM upgrade I'm probably SOL. I've uninstalled 4.1 (again) and am going through the 4.0 install and service pack installations. I can tell already that I will not have a "happy heart" (as we tell our 2 year old she should have) when I call support in the morning!

Upgrading from 4.0.3 to 4.1 Tonight

OK, so I had a pretty terrible upgrade experience in April and I was waiting for SP1 to be released. It appears that SP1 definitely corrected the errors I was having. See links at the bottom of this post. Since then I have also acquired a new IBM xSeries to run the BES. I have loaded Domino 7.0.1 and BES 4.1 SP1 on this new xSeries and am using BESMgmt2 SQL db. My old BES has Domino 6.5.4 and BES 4.0.3 and is using BESMgmt1 SQL db.

Here's my planned upgrade procedure for tonight - does it sound OK?

BES A = current/old BES at 4.0.3
BES B = new BES

1. Upgrade BES A to 4.1 SP1 so that my BESMgmt1 SQL db is upgraded.
2. Start BES A.
3. Redirect BES B to BESMgmt1 db from BESMgmt2.
4. Both BES A and B should now be displayed in the BlackBerry Manager app and in the same BB Domain, right?
5. Click my account on BES A and choose to move it to BES B.
6. This shouldn't require re-activation, right?

Anyway, let me know what you think...

BES 4.1 Upgrade (and Downgrade)
BES 4.1 Service Pack 1 Available

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CoComment Enabled

CoComment is now enabled with the HaloScan comment system I use. The only caveat is that it doesn't automatically track the name of the post - you get a number.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Sampling of Notes Domino 7.0.2 Fixes

Looks like it should be out in September. Here are some fixes that we may have seen at my site or could benefit from.

SPR# RWAH6HPQ8B - This iSeries specific fix allows daylight savings time and standard time changes without recycling the Domino server. (Me: It's about time for this one - I always have to end and restart the Domino servers on iSeries because they will lock up when the time changes.)

SPR# MHOL6J7QYH - Failover did not work when the primary server was down. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.

SPR# KYOE6M37ES - Fixed a Microsoft Internet Explorer freeze when trying to download an attachment which contained '?' in the file name.

SPR# FMWI6MBM6M - Fixed a problem that an attachment could not be downloaded if it contained a backslash in its name."

SPR# DWHR6PQCT4 - When choosing not to install the DWA 7 Control (ActiveX), the user was constantly presented with a warning of this. This change of behavior occurred due to the new ActiveX block support in IE 6 SP2. Without offering a way to continue to use the ActiveX on a subsequent page, there is now no way to ever install the ActiveX. Answering affirmatively that you want to continue to try to use the ActiveX allowed the user to then click the blocked ActiveX bar and install the ActiveX (which refreshes the page).

A new Notes.ini, iNotes_WA_ConfirmBlockedActiveX=0, has been added in 7.0.2 to disable this confirmation box. This setting results in the inability to install the DWA Control from normal DWA view and document pages. However, the DWA control may now be installed from the DWA Preferences page, within the Basics panel!!

SPR# DPOL6LMEBW - A scheduled agent running on AS400, which entered an infinite loop, would not terminate when the "Max LotusScript/Java execution time" limit was reached. The agent would continue to run indefinitely. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.

SPR# MKAA677PAK - Updated the Rooms and Resource Manager task (RnRMgr) to take a new command line parameter of "-?" (or "/?"). This paramter will cause RnRMgr to print out a description of all of its supported console commands and a brief description of what they do.

SPR# LMEF6MXLXZ - Open collection always reads from server - does not make use of cache.ndk. This problem was a regression introduced in 6.5.5 and 7.0, and fixed in 7.0.2. (Me: This could be why view performance has been seeming really slow - opening the views wasn't making use of local cache apparently!(

SPR# TKIE3ZA457 - This fix resolves the issue of replication problems when a user sends a message to themselves from a mail file replica which is not on their home server and keeps a copy in the Sent folder.

SPR# GPKS63AGBN - Fixed a problem where performing a Design Replace, always disabled the Out of Office Agent. This regression was introduced in 6.5.2.

SPR# MPAA6JZKAZ - "Contact","Of" and "Phone" fields are blank in Phone Message when "To" field is not filled first and "," is pressed. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.6 and 7.0.2.

SPR# EHET5TDP2U - Fixed a crash on the Macintosh client with over 1000 fonts installed. This regression was introduced in 6.0.

SPR# BSPR67HN6W - Using a server based, Notes.ini variable (ADMINP_EXCHANGE_ALL_UNREAD_MARKS = 1), this fix will allow the exchange of unread marks when the Administration Process based replication is used to create and populate a replica between servers. Please note that the amount of time to perform the initial replication by the administration process will increase due to the additional work required to exchange all the unread marks.

SPR# EFEN6LVQMD - @Error was returned if @DBLookup returned data more than 64K bytes long. Prior to this regression, @DBLookup was allowed to return data that long, but the result of the formula couldn't be longer then 64KB. This fix repairs the problem, which was a regression introduced in 7.0.1.

Note: "A fix for this SPR has been developed but is currently undergoing testing. IBM reserves the right to remove this fix from the targeted release if it does not pass quality assurance tests. Please consider this information to be provisional. Do not base irreversible business decisions on this information until this notice has been removed."

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Updated: Domino Web Access Warning

In my ongoing quest to stop DWA warnings, we have found 3 new options that can help if all else fails. I have updated my Domino Web Access Warning page with the following information.

- Clear out Java Cache by running C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_0X\bin\javacpl.exe
---Click “Delete Files” then click “OK”.
---*if there are different versions, do this for each version or uninstall older versions and leave only the newest copy.
- Clear out Windows temp folders.
--- C:\Temp--- C:\Documents and Settings\USER PROFILE\Local Settings\Temp
--- C:\Documents and Settings\USER PROFILE\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
--- C:\Winnt\Temp
--- *Clear out the Temp/Temp. Internet Files for each user listed in the Documents and Settings folder.
- Reset IE to default settings.
--- Right Click on the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop or go to Control Panel and open Internet Options.
--- Click on the Programs Tab. Then click the Reset Web Settings button. Uncheck
“Also reset my home page” then click “OK”.

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Ralph Norman For Congress

If you're in South Carolina's 5th District, then you should really consider whether you want John Spratt to remain in Congress this November 7. The last time John Spratt saw a formidable opponent was in 1994 and 1996 against fellow Rock Hillian Larry Bigham. That election data can be found here. Representative Spratt only won by 4 points in 1994. This tells the conservatives in South Carolina that he can be beaten!! We need to get the turnout in November to vote in another Rock Hillian, Ralph Norman.

Just yesterday, The State newspaper published an article titled GOP eyeing Spratt seat
Even with staunch party support, the hurdle Norman faces is high. Spratt was re-elected with 63 percent of the vote in 2004 and 86 percent in 2002. His last close race was in 1994, when he won with 52 percent of the vote.

Voters were angry in 1994, just as they are now.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Neal Morse on YouTube

There are some Neal Morse concert video clips on YouTube. Neal was the former frontman for Spock's Beard and is amazing. He plays guitar and keys amazing! His drummer in the studio is also none other than Mike Portnoy!!

There are actually a LOT of videos...Neal Morse search I'll embed a couple below...

Solid As The Sun

In The Fire

Bridge Across Forever - Acoustic

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Looking Forward To This Session At COMMON

This just looks hilarious!! I can say, though, that it may hit home. I have a tendency to come across as "defensive" sometimes. I really have to throttle back!

"Oh, by the way...YOU'RE WELCOME!" GUI Tips - Challenges of Application
Interacting and Communicating with Modernization

This session is inspired in part by the Saturday Night Live sketch, Nick Burns - Your Company’s Computer Guy. The reoccurring character of Nick is a caricature of the stereotypically condescending computer expert. "He'll fix your computer, and then he's gonna make fun of you". Nick Burns is the Systems Administrator for a large corporation, who is always on-call to support technical problems. He has minimal
patience for the problematic computer users he has to help, and has a tendency to mock and berate them. Sound familiar?

Do you or your team of iSeries and OS/400 users approach troubleshooting a problem by rattling off instructions to the dim-wit user seated at the computer in confusing technical jargon, and quickly get fed up by their relative technical ineptitude? Do you then sit at the keyboard and fix the problem yourself, gloating at the relative ease of the solution? If, you answered, Yes. Then "Oh, by the way...YOUR WELCOME!" is the session for you!

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:
1. Create and sustain rewarding work-life relationships.
2. Remain open to others in the face of awkward judgments or criticisms.
3. Present information in a way that makes us most likely to be heard.
4. Empathize with associates whose actions tend to aggravate us.
5. Connect with your co-workers and become a valuable resource for your company.

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How To Drive Site Traffic

First of all, you should go to Lotusphere and be included in Richard Schwartz's bloggregator. (See spike from December to January)

Then, be the first to mention that there is a public website with the Beta 2 available of the industry-leading corporate IM solution. This generated an Ed Brill post. (See spike from May to June)

Finally, be the first to write about the Notes Client for Linux - which also generated an Ed Brill post! (See huge spike from June to July and August is on track to be the same as July...)

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Compilation from my Gospel of Judas Posts

I finally got around to compiling the information I blogged about in April on the Gospel of Judas. You can find the compilation at my website:

Gospel of Judas

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Web Document Locking Version 0.1 (SnTT)

I've just had to implement document locking for a web application. What follows are the notes I have made on what it will do and all of the steps to reproduce it in other applications. I say it's "Version 0.1" because I know there are some options I can do to streamline the code. I can probably set a field value to pass parameters back into a single WebQuerySave agent or at least merge the webLock and webUnlock agents. Thanks to devWorks and Jake Howlett for information on the onbeforeunload event. And thanks to Marc for Agent and Query parameter code. Please, only positive criticism of the code... :)

See limitations at link below for the extra pop up window from the onbeforeunload event. I need to trap for when the user clicks OK. If I can do so, then it shouldn't throw up the onbeforeunload event window a second time:
onBeforeUnload (devWorks Posting)

Locking Options:
If Locked – no edit button if locked by another user and red text displays who has it locked
Going into Edit Mode – Locks the document
Closing form by Any Action Bar Button – Unlocks properly with no unload prompts
Navigating away from the form without using action bar – Currently two pop ups will warn you if you click OK to proceed from the form. I hope to get it back down to just popping up once, but this is a big start. Clicking cancel will take you back to the form so that you can exit the document gracefully. Clicking OK will close the document, unlock it, and not save any other modifications. This pop up would display if the browser is closed, another view is selected, another address is typed in the address bar, etc...

Form Modifications:
Text somewhere on the form:
Document is being modified by [Computed Value]
[computed value] = @Name([CN];$Writers)
Hide-when for text: @IsNewDoc | ( !@If(@IsAvailable($writers)))

Hide-when sample for Edit Button:
@IsNewDoc | ( @If(@IsAvailable($writers)) & !@If($writers=@UserName) )

HTML Head Content: (In the below code, substitute the "[[" and "]]" with "<" and ">", respectively.)
("[[SCRIPT LANGUAGE=\"JavaScript\"]]") :
("isEditMode = " + @If(@IsDocBeingEdited; "true;"; "false;")) :
("isLocked = " + @If(@IsAvailable($writers); "true;"; "false;")) :
("DBURL = location.protocol + '//' + + '/" + @WebDbName + "/';") :
("DocUNID = '" + @Text(@DocumentUniqueID) + "';") :

HTML Body Attributes:

@If(@IsDocBeingEdited;@Command([ToolsRunMacro]; "webLock");"")

@Command([ToolsRunMacro]; "wqsAgent")

JS Header:
function beforeunload() {
msg = "----------------------------------------------------------\n";
msg += "Your form has not been saved.\n";
msg += "All changes you have made will be lost\n";
msg += "----------------------------------------------------------";
if (isEditMode && isLocked){
if (document.forms[0].closewarning.value="Yes") event.returnValue = msg;

if (isEditMode && isLocked)

window.onbeforeunload = null;
if (isEditMode && isLocked) {
location.href = DBURL + "webunlock?openagent&unid=" + DocUNID;

Action Buttons: Second line is optional and really unnecessary
window.onbeforeunload = null;
other code & submit() to call WebQuerySave


wqsAgent: (just have this code somewhere in either WQS or whatever code you have that needs to update the backend document after form submission)

Call doc.Unlock


Sub Initialize
'Called on web QuerySave
Dim s As New NotesSession
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
Set doc = s.DocumentContext

Call doc.Lock(s.EffectiveUserName)
Call doc.Save(True,False)

End Sub


Sub Initialize
'Called on unload and some other events
Dim s As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim AgentParams As Variant ' will be returned as a String List
Dim UNID As String

On Error Goto ErrorHandler
Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
Msgbox "Unlocking Document"
AgentParams = getAgentParameters(s.DocumentContext, True)
If Not Iselement(AgentParams("unid")) Then Exit Sub
UNID = AgentParams("unid")
Set doc = db.GetDocumentByUNID(UNID)
If Not doc Is Nothing Then Call doc.UnLock()
Print "[http://server/" & db.Filepath & "/TicketsOpen?OpenView]"
Exit Sub

ErrorHandler :
End Sub

Sub DisplayErr(CodeName As String)
Purpose: Display error message
Details: Displays an error message for the current error
on the status bar and in a dialog box
includes CodeName in message (generally name of calling function)

Dim tmpString As String
tmpString = "Error on line " & Cstr(Erl()) & " in " & CodeName & " - Error " & Cstr(Err()) & " : " & Error$(Err())
Print tmpString
Messagebox tmpString
End Sub

Function getAgentParameters (AgentDoc As NotesDocument, lowercaseTags As Integer)
Purpose: Returns a list of all agent parameters
Details: Returns a list of all agent parameters
if lowercaseTags is true, List Tags are all in lowercase
if lowercaseTags is false, List Tags are in original case

GetAgentParameters = getQueryParameters(AgentDoc, lowercaseTags)
End Function

Function getQueryParameters (Doc As NotesDocument, lowercaseTags As Integer)
Purpose: Returns a list of parameters
Details: Using Query_String_Decoded, returns a list of all parameters
if lowercaseTags is true, List Tags are all in lowercase
if lowercaseTags is false, List Tags are in original case

Dim QS As String, QSArray As Variant, QSList List As String
Dim tmpVar As String, tmpVal As String

QS = Strright(Doc.Query_String_Decoded(0), "&")
If QS <> "" Then
QSArray = Split(QS, "&")
Forall tmpQItem In QSArray
tmpVar = Strleft(tmpQItem, "=")
If lowercaseTags Then tmpVar = Lcase(tmpVar)
tmpVal = Strright(tmpQItem, "=")
QSList(tmpVar) = tmpVal
End Forall
End If
getQueryParameters = QSList
End Function

This LotusScript was converted to HTML using the ls2html routine,
provided by Julian Robichaux at


BES 4.1 Service Pack 1 Available

According to the download site, it was released on July 28, 2006. For Domino, it's 361MB! The release notes are here. I've been holding off on my upgrade for SP1 to be released because of my previous debacle!

Some fixes: There are about 10 pages of fixes and about 3 pages of known issues.
SDR 80370 - I think this was my main issue! In BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1, if your database environment was Microsoft SQL Server and you attempted to create the MDSS and/or the MDSS_DIS databases, the creation failed and error messages displayed.
In BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 SP1 and later, this issue is resolved.
Visit to read article KB-042935 for more information (I can't find this document... it appears that it's actually KB-04953)

SDR 85325 - This was my other show-stopper! RIM told me that they didn't believe me when I told them I got this message! In BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1, if your database environment was Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 driver for Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Service Pack 3 was installed on the same computer on which you planned to upgrade the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the setup program failed to locate the JDBC driver.
In BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 SP1 and later, the setup program successfully locates the JDBC driver.

SDR 87289 In earlier versions of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, a Lotus Notes email address was not handled properly as an address in the To field of a message component. A Notes ID (for example, Trevor Van Daele/ was broken up into three addresses when it was sent to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
In BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 SP1 and later, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server handles Lotus Notes email addresses
properly. (This is cool because now you can list the Notes address in your PAB)

SDR 78026 In BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1, if users attempted to log in to Enterprise Messenger using a password that was greater than 100 characters, the “SametimeError:80000001” error message appeared.
In BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 SP1 and later, this issue is resolved. All I can say is - WTF? Password over 100 characters? Talk about AR!

Known Issues Not Fixed:
SDR 97967 When you delete a user from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the incorrect user profile document is deleted.

SDR 69400 If users log in to BlackBerry Instant Messaging for Sametime, presence notification is turned off on their email client.

SDR 91287 If you are upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.0 to Version 4.1 and later, email messages that were sent to a user during the upgrade process will not be sent to the BlackBerry device after the upgrade process is complete.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

onBeforeUnload (devWorks Posting)

I posted this yesterday with no response. You can respond back here or over at devWorks if you wish.

Link to Post

I have read everything in this forum regarding onbeforeunload and have also checked out I have a nearly functional web document locking implementation now; thanks to help here.

However, I cannot figure out how to prevent a second invocation of the onbeforeunload event when the OK button is selected in the onbeforeunload event window.

Here is my basic config for the form:
HTML Body Attributes: "onbeforeunload=\"beforeunload();\""

JS Header:
function beforeunload() {
msg = "----------------------------------------------------------\n";
msg += "Your tech support form has not been saved.\n";
msg += "All changes you have made will be lost\n";
msg += "----------------------------------------------------------";
if (isEditMode && isLocked){
if (document.forms[0].closewarning.value="Yes") event.returnValue = msg;

if (isEditMode && isLocked) {
location.href = DBURL + "webunlock?openagent&unid=" + DocUNID;

Currently, if I navigate away from the locked document in edit mode, I get the onbeforeunload OK/Cancel window. If I click Cancel I return to the document. If I click OK, then I get the onbeforeunload AGAIN! Clicking OK will then unload and unlock the document.

How can I prevent the second instance of the onbeforeunload window?

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Friday, August 4, 2006

domBulletin Skins?

We're planning on using domBulletin for the forum on the CLNUG site. I may be using the "brown" skin that I've been using for an in-house database as the default for the CLNUG forum. Below is a sample and you can download a text file with the css here.

Question - Does anyone else have domBulletin skins to share?

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Mac Guidera at COMMON

Browsing through the session guide, I see that Mac Guidera will also be at COMMON! I bumped into him at Lotusphere - awesome guy!


Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Speaking Engagement Confirmed for COMMON

It was in the works for a while, but was confirmed this week that I will be co-presenting Taking Advantage of Domino Domain Monitoring in Domino 7 at the Fall COMMON conference (iSeries conference) with Kim Greene. As you may be aware, Kim and I co-presented the Domino for iSeries Administration Best Practices session at Lotusphere 2006. It was great to meet and collaborate with her on that. When it was confirmed that I would be attending the conference she wanted me to present with her again.

While I like being an Ironman doing development and administration, I really am at home on the administration side of things! I feel even more at home with the hardware - especially the Big Iron!

As a side note, don't plan on seeing me at Lotusphere 2007... :( I believe we will be sending two of our other Domino guys and I will try to get to one of the development conferences in Vegas.

I'm also looking forward to meeting Amy Hoerle and Trevor Tallackson at COMMON. They will be teaching, along with Kim, an "Integrated Seminar" at COMMON that consists of a good many Domino administration classes. (I guess I will be part of that now, too, with the DDM course!!). They are Domino for iSeries support team members in IBM. Generally, if we have a really odd server issue, I will be talking with one of those two folks! Also, I see that Mike Gordon will be presenting a Sametime 7.5 course - he's always at the iSeries booth at Lotusphere. Hopefully it will be gold by the middle of September. I saw a pop-up announcement that the Beta 4 build should be out on August 5...

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

The Heat Is On!

Lovely - it's 94* outside now and the heat is actually on in my work area!! It's getting near 82* on the inside thermostat (which indicates that it should be in the cooling cycle)...

Random Thoughts For Today

We're going to my 10-year high school reunion this Saturday. It's at the Rock Hill Country Club. We have to pay $50/head. I thought it was going to be a more formal affair because of that, but I received an email today stating that the wife and I will be forking over $100 for a POOL PARTY with a DJ and some overly-boozed people! Woohoo...

Oh, and we're going to at drive my dad's '97 Boxster. What better thing to do than show up in a Porsche and complain about $100!! ;)

And I sure wish Al Gore or John Kerry were President. Yep, you heard me! It's expected to feel like 114*F today! It's already 75% humidity as well. If one of those two were President, it would be about 20* cooler, right? Or is that not right? They were both longtime US Senators with a stellar record of introducing legislation to combat "global warming", right? Oh no, wait, they just rested on their laurels and when it came time to run for POTUS they could use global warming as a scare tactic. They never actually did anything about it. One of them was even VP for 8 years and didn't fix it (or anything else). He promised a lockbox for Social Security. He should have locked it up during those 8 years...

Oh well...enough randomness for now!

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You can take your little toke