Monday, August 27, 2012

An Adventure In Romans, Part 2 - WH Griffith Thomas (Chapters 1-8)

Following are some quotes from WH Griffith Thomas's Commentary on Paul's Letter to the Romans. These are quotes that stood out to me as I have been reading through this commentary. This only covers chapters 1-8. Some background to this is posted here. I think most of the quotes are self-explanatory, but please comment if you have any questions. I particularly like the last two!

"The resurrection is the proof of our acceptance, and is the antidote against all fear. 'Jesus paid it all,' and the resurrection is the receipt, the full discharge of the debt." - Romans 4:25

Justification is the strait gate through which we enter the narrow way of holiness. - Romans 6

The view of the Cross takes in Sanctification as well as Justification, to deal with sinfulness as well as sins, to apply to what we are as well as what we do. - Romans 6:3-4

Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness. (Romans 6:18 KJV) To paraphrase Griffith Thomas on this passage - this is how God gives us the desires of our heart. Because we are "under grace", His desires have become our desires and we delight ourselves in them!

"So we, when we have died to sin, enter with Him into this same life in which, like a re-married widow, we have no other [beloved] than this new Spouse and His Spirit" - Godet as quoted by Thomas on Romans 7:1-6

When we enter into union with Christ Jesus we find a new power, the rule of the Holy Spirit, Who gives life and thereby controls the evil nature. The presence of the Spirit brings life and His power sustains it, and this gives the believer deliverance from the law of sin and death. - Romans 8:32

Natural things suit the natural man and spiritual things suit the spiritual man, As is the life within, so will be the character and conduct, for fruit always comes "according to its kind." - Romans 8:5-6

Regeneration concerns our nature and condition, while adoption concerns our position and privileges. The two are complementary aspects of our Divine sonship. - Romans 8:14

Hope is an essential element of our salvation and must never be omitted from our contemplation of what the Christian life means. Faith looks backward and upward; hope looks onward. Faith accepts; but hope expects. Faith is concerned with Him Who promises; but hope is occupied with the good things promised. Faith appropriates; but hope anticipates. It is in the power of this hope which the New Testament calls "that blessed hope" that we are to live and labor. Hope is always centered on the coming of the Lord, and included in that, on the resurrection from the dead with complete deliverance from sin, likeness to Christ, and the full revelation of our sonship to God in Him. - Romans 8:24-25

And if the child of God could realize more fully the constant presence and guidance of a loving Father he would more readily perceive that all things are really working together for his good. Let us ever live in this love of God. The more we trust the more we shall love, and the more we love the more fully we shall trust. Life is dark, but love can see. Life is difficult, but love can understand. Life is sad, but love can rejoice while waiting for that day when we shall no longer see through a glass darkly but when we shall know even as we are known. - Romans 8:28-30