Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Guess What? BES 4.1 Upgrade Hosed Again!

Now I'm getting an SQL error regarding an ambiguous column name on the MachineName column. Looking at RIM's online support, I see that I will have to restore a pre-upgrade-attempt db to fix this. The problem with that is the first upgrade attempt was in April! And we've added many more users since then. I tried modifying that column to equal the machine name. I even removed a secondary record, but it was a no-go. I'll be calling them again tomorrow to see if there's some way to bypass this. It should be a mere matter of correcting data in the SQL databases, but since this is a RIM upgrade I'm probably SOL. I've uninstalled 4.1 (again) and am going through the 4.0 install and service pack installations. I can tell already that I will not have a "happy heart" (as we tell our 2 year old she should have) when I call support in the morning!

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