Friday, August 11, 2006

Looking Forward To This Session At COMMON

This just looks hilarious!! I can say, though, that it may hit home. I have a tendency to come across as "defensive" sometimes. I really have to throttle back!

"Oh, by the way...YOU'RE WELCOME!" GUI Tips - Challenges of Application
Interacting and Communicating with Modernization

This session is inspired in part by the Saturday Night Live sketch, Nick Burns - Your Company’s Computer Guy. The reoccurring character of Nick is a caricature of the stereotypically condescending computer expert. "He'll fix your computer, and then he's gonna make fun of you". Nick Burns is the Systems Administrator for a large corporation, who is always on-call to support technical problems. He has minimal
patience for the problematic computer users he has to help, and has a tendency to mock and berate them. Sound familiar?

Do you or your team of iSeries and OS/400 users approach troubleshooting a problem by rattling off instructions to the dim-wit user seated at the computer in confusing technical jargon, and quickly get fed up by their relative technical ineptitude? Do you then sit at the keyboard and fix the problem yourself, gloating at the relative ease of the solution? If, you answered, Yes. Then "Oh, by the way...YOUR WELCOME!" is the session for you!

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:
1. Create and sustain rewarding work-life relationships.
2. Remain open to others in the face of awkward judgments or criticisms.
3. Present information in a way that makes us most likely to be heard.
4. Empathize with associates whose actions tend to aggravate us.
5. Connect with your co-workers and become a valuable resource for your company.

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