Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Speaking Engagement Confirmed for COMMON

It was in the works for a while, but was confirmed this week that I will be co-presenting Taking Advantage of Domino Domain Monitoring in Domino 7 at the Fall COMMON conference (iSeries conference) with Kim Greene. As you may be aware, Kim and I co-presented the Domino for iSeries Administration Best Practices session at Lotusphere 2006. It was great to meet and collaborate with her on that. When it was confirmed that I would be attending the conference she wanted me to present with her again.

While I like being an Ironman doing development and administration, I really am at home on the administration side of things! I feel even more at home with the hardware - especially the Big Iron!

As a side note, don't plan on seeing me at Lotusphere 2007... :( I believe we will be sending two of our other Domino guys and I will try to get to one of the development conferences in Vegas.

I'm also looking forward to meeting Amy Hoerle and Trevor Tallackson at COMMON. They will be teaching, along with Kim, an "Integrated Seminar" at COMMON that consists of a good many Domino administration classes. (I guess I will be part of that now, too, with the DDM course!!). They are Domino for iSeries support team members in IBM. Generally, if we have a really odd server issue, I will be talking with one of those two folks! Also, I see that Mike Gordon will be presenting a Sametime 7.5 course - he's always at the iSeries booth at Lotusphere. Hopefully it will be gold by the middle of September. I saw a pop-up announcement that the Beta 4 build should be out on August 5...

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