Tuesday, August 29, 2006

BES 4.1 Update

Ted has posted about Sametime on BlackBerry and MDSS problems. That reminds me that I've been needing to post an update.

Since my last upgrade failed again, I decided to punt. Since we got the new xSeries for our BES, I'm just migrating the accounts from the old server to the new server. But, this also means that I'm having to wipe and reactivate every BlackBerry we have! I've done 56 so far (out of only 106), so that puts me over the halfway point. According to RIM, I should have been able to upgrade if I would restore a pre-upgraded database. Unfortunately, this restore would have to be from April. Since we've added maybe about 30 BlackBerries since then, I decided it may be best to just cut over slowly.

In Ted's first post, he talks about the installation procedure for getting "Enterprise Messenger" (Sametime) loaded on the server. To accompany his post, here are some screen grabs I took a couple of weeks ago. I've been waiting for the right time to post...

In Ted's second post, he mentioned that his MDS Services (MDSS) install is not going well. When I was speaking with RIM, I actually had a problem loading MDSS on the brand new system with a clean Domino 7.0.1 install and BES 4.1.1! They said that I could either press on to get it installed or, as they suggest, run MDSS on a separate system in the domain. All of the Enterprise Browser functionality will work fine without MDSS. So, if you don't have plans to develop and push out custom applications, then you don't need to load MDSS. RIM stated that MDSS is a huge resource hog and it may be best for my environment to not install it.

Finally, our mail server crashed for a bit today and BES 4.1 with Domino 7.x performs failover!! I checked out the console and could see that it was redirecting requests over to our cluster server. Then it had a specific time that it was waiting for to retry the primary server. This worked well and was a much-needed enhancement!

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