Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Random Thoughts For Today

We're going to my 10-year high school reunion this Saturday. It's at the Rock Hill Country Club. We have to pay $50/head. I thought it was going to be a more formal affair because of that, but I received an email today stating that the wife and I will be forking over $100 for a POOL PARTY with a DJ and some overly-boozed people! Woohoo...

Oh, and we're going to at drive my dad's '97 Boxster. What better thing to do than show up in a Porsche and complain about $100!! ;)

And I sure wish Al Gore or John Kerry were President. Yep, you heard me! It's expected to feel like 114*F today! It's already 75% humidity as well. If one of those two were President, it would be about 20* cooler, right? Or is that not right? They were both longtime US Senators with a stellar record of introducing legislation to combat "global warming", right? Oh no, wait, they just rested on their laurels and when it came time to run for POTUS they could use global warming as a scare tactic. They never actually did anything about it. One of them was even VP for 8 years and didn't fix it (or anything else). He promised a lockbox for Social Security. He should have locked it up during those 8 years...

Oh well...enough randomness for now!

Now Playing: "Pray To God" by Dogs of Peace (1996) - Some lyrics:
Say that as long as you don't inhale
You can take your little toke

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