Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Domino 7 for iSeries NotesBench Results

250,500 users!! on a 16-way i5 Model 595.

Here is the report.

My question to an IBMer was:

Were there any gains by using V5R4 as opposed to V5R3?

Since I just posted this, I also got an email back from IBM on the results. Basically, you should just note that the processor speed being used in the NotesBench is 1.9GHz (the current i595 processor is 1.65GHz...) You figure out what that means! Should be a new hardware announcement with V5R4.

Also, from previous performance reports we know that the R6 workload performs better than R7.

It's also interesting that it was completed by October 19, 2005 on what must have been "beta" versions of the Operating System that isn't even out yet.

I'll have to look through the full reports that are attached to the NotesBench report.

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