Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bloggers' BOF (LS06)

I believe I may be the first post about it - sorry I didn't make the JamFest tonight. I don't want to get sweaty before dinner tonight! I was going to email my Blogspot account to post directly from the BOF, but decided not to. There was no wi-fi there, so the rest of the bloggers couldn't post. It was a really good BOF - especially being able to meet some new people. Ed Brill was the moderator and there were some great comments and questions.

The main thing that I would echo is that if you're not currently blogging, go ahead and start. You should also not hesitate to comment at other blogs. This at least gets your name out there and helps to make friends (or enemies...). I can really attest to something that Ed said.

He mentioned that blogging is a very good way to not only get your name out in the community, but also that it can help you get noticed by those who approve sessions (he pointed out that many of the people in the room were also speakers) and provides a means for them to see how well you communicate. While I generally will post techy items, you don't need to have a tech blog to "get noticed." Like Jess said at the BOF, you just have to post about things that others will find interesting. Even if it's just that you saw some strange shape made by your Cheerios. I would definitely say that being active in this community aided in the approval of the session I co-presented.

I look forward to staying active and hopefully being able to add feeds for some new bloggers who may have been inspired at the BOF!

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