Saturday, January 28, 2006

Session Evaluations (LS06)

I was able to review the evaluations from our session. It was great to see all of the positive things that were said. It makes all of the preparation worthwhile to see that people find the information helpful and implementable.

Here are basically all of the written comments:

- More before and after
- links to Redbooks or tech center (There were some links at the end of the slides.)
- "excellent for even experienced iseries shop" (This was great to hear! We were hoping that newbies and experienced admins would be able to get something from this.)
- wanted more time for material (We wanted more time as well - that's why there was less before/after and no mention of disk.)
- "best session I have been to in years" and this was from one "considering iseries" (WOW - thanks!)
- should mention disk next time (We will definitely try to update this and hopefully present again together!)
- "can be taken back and put in place" (Great to hear that you can start using this!)

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