Monday, January 9, 2006

Assistance Needed - Domino Development

We have a database in which we are getting poor view response times. Here are the general DB stats:

747 MB
179 MB View Index (24% of total db size!)
22,000 Documents
16,000 of the Docs in one of the views in question
About 200 documents edited per day on average

Here are some of the "basics" that I have checked:

Program Document running UPDALL -V on this specific DB every 30 minutes

Advanced Database Properties:

For the users, the view is embedded on a page showing them their own documents. Regardless of whether we open the view directly or via the page it takes several minutes to open, so this leads me to the view being the issue and not the Show Single Category criteria. That criteria is:

@If(@IsMember("[Admin]";@UserRoles);"*";@IsMember("[Post Proof]";@UserRoles); "Post-Proofing";@IsMember("[Pre Proof]";@UserRoles);"Pre-Proofing"; @IsMember("[Graphics]";@UserRoles);"Graphics";@Name([CN]; @UserName))

The view selection criteria is:

"Simple Search" - "uses 'Contract Tracking' form"

All columns refer to fields on the documents (i.e. no date/time functions in the view...):
ResponsiblePerson, Year, Directory, AccountNumber, ApplicancName, Status, CompletedBySales, DateCompleted

The first 3 columns are Categorized. The 4th column is sorted Ascending. None of the columns allow the user to sort.

Any further insights?

By the way, the newest Taking Notes podcast was really good about large-scale Domino deployments. Right up the alley of us iSeries guys...

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