Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Domino 7.0 Upgrade - Part Two

Issue Resolution? - Some of the issues I noted yesterday are database/index corruption issues. The Design task (and Replace/Refresh Design) was failing with the following error: "Design Refresh Failed, Index Corrupted - will be rebuilt automatically when database is closed or server is restarted". I worked with Lotus Support on this some. They were leaning toward Full Text Index corruption because of the error, but this wasn also happening on mail files that were not indexed. As it turns out, this problem was happening with my cluster box as well. I was able to try running Updall with that server down. This did not work. I ended up trying Fixup -F. After this, I was able to successfully run the design task. You may want to set up a program document to run Fixup -F on your mail files. I will be doing that at 4 tomorrow morning and shortly on my cluster box. Check out Susan Bulloch's posting about Indirect Files and also note my comments on how I use them with program documents.

NSD - Our mail server crashed on the HTTP task once yesterday. Lotus Support has emailed me back stating that the call stack matches an SPR that doesn't appear to be public. I will most likely be loading some debugging code on my server that two other companies are running.

Performance - Generally, it appears to not be much of a change, be we are still running the 6.5.4 mail templates. It does appear that we are seeing a lower running average of page faults - which is a very good thing.

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