Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Soft Delete Bug in Notes 6.5.3 and 6.5.4

We've been troubleshooting an issue with Soft Deletions in the mail file where the trash is emptied after just a few minutes or hours instead of our standard 48 hours.

If you're seeing this issue you should call tech support to see if this fix is for your situation. We just received the following from Lotus Tech Support:

A easy programmatic solution is to add the following code to the mail template's Database Script PostOpen event. Note: Simply disabling and re-enabling using the SetOption method does not result in the header entry being updated (probably because db is not closed between) - so the below method is the most efficient programmatic approach:

Dim hours As Integer
Set db=source.Database
If db.getoption(dbopt_softdelete) Then
End If

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