Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Inflated Font Occurring on Replies with History

That was the subject of an email to a Domino for iSeries list today. The question was "Has anyone seen the issue where on email 'reply with history' type conversations with external recipients, the font size towards the end of the email gets inflated drastically? We've seen this before and need to address it again..."

Since this is something I have encountered in the past, I thought I would respond. Before that, has anyone else seen this and been able to correct it?

We get just the opposite sometimes. The font gets smaller and smaller! At Lotusphere this year, someone asked the exact same question at GURUPalooza. I was on stage and mentioned that we see this occur as well. I have also called Lotus support on this in the past with no success.

At one point I created the following FAQ internally that helped back in the 6.0.x days, but with 6.5.x and 7.0.x I have seen that this doesn't work as in the past. I adapted this from a post at I think:

External recipients receive e-mail with tiny text

When a Lotus Notes user forwards or replies to an email outside the company sometimes the receiver will see extremely small text on the history portion of the message.

This is a problem with the notes default point size settings for the various character set groups.

If you are brave, you can attempt to fix this yourself. If not please call the helpdesk at 326-6020 to report this problem.

Open your local address book (names.nsf), then find and open the 'Advanced\International MIME Settings' view. if you don't have a 'International MIME Settings' document in the view, create a new one. (there should be a 'New' button with a pulldown list of objects which can be created.)

If you are creating a new 'International MIME Settings': on the 'Basics' page, leave the 'for Locations' setting as '*' and select your primary character set group. for now at least, leave 'Secondary character set groups' blank.

On the 'Settings by Character Set' page, pull down the 'MIME settings by character set group' list and select your primary character set group. for example, if you are in the u.s. or in western europe, you should select 'Western'.

In the 'Font Options' section of this page, change the 'Plain Text' font setting to 'Default Sans Serif'. (if there is no 'International MIME Settings' document, the default point size is '12', so you'll have to create one to fix this problem.)

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