Tuesday, May 2, 2006

DDM Filters (SnTT)

I know it's Tuesday, but I thought I would post this Domino Domain Monitor tip early since I will be on vacation Thursday.

When configuring DDM, there is a set of default filters that can be used to report "simple events" from your Events4.nsf database. This can be really helpful for monitoring replication failures and message delivery failures. However, by default (at least for me), way too much was being logged, so I thought I would tweak it. From the DDM database, choose the option to "Open Configuration" (This just opens Events4.nsf). From there, just go to your "DDM Filters" view:

As you can see below, I have limited the severities of the events reported for Database, Messaging, Replication, and Security. I may tweak this some more after monitoring DDM further, but this is a good start that will limit how much you have to view.

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