Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Finally Giving Domino a Facelift! (SnTT)

I hate to admit this, but one of the databases I developed for the web is ugly! Until today, that is... After going to Lance Spellman and Dwight Wilbanks' session at Lotusphere 2006 about a Facelift for Domino, I finally decided to do something about my formerly ugly web database. For background purposes, the first production Domino server I installed was in August 2002 (at R5). We chose to wait for ND6 to be released in October of that year before doing a corporate migration. So, a good chunk of a year was spend migrating email.

One of the first projects requested was a contract workflow database. Since this entire workgroup was on iNotes, I chose to make it web-only. This database was created in August of 2003. With less than a year's experience I chose the easy route - java views and outline! I knew it would need updating later, but I just never got to it because it was working and we had other huge projects. Until today when I had some time to get to it. If you're in a rut on some web development, go check out Facelift for Domino. It's really as easy as running a menu action from the facelift database. Oh, and if you put it on a server, save it to a folder titled "facelift". Also, if you have categorized views, make sure the categorized column isn't set to 1 for the width (unless you're categorizing by a single character). After making the modifications, I notified the workgroup and they are very pleased with the performance and look. Thanks Lance and Dwight!!

Here is a before shot of one of the views:

And here is my facelifted shot of the database (I still need to work on the top frame's graphics...) Maybe I'll even do away with the frames.

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