Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Addition To My Family

I had an awesome weekend, but I will have to post about it later because it may be lengthy... Speaking of a new addition, my brother and his wife are at the hospital as we speak with her nearing labor!

Anyway, on the way back from Georgia this weekend, my wife and I (and our church's worship leader) stopped at Hame's Music in Gaffney, SC (beside "The Big Peach") on I-85. I thought I was just going to look around, but I guess the bug bit me hard and we decided that I could get a Gibson Les Paul Standard in Transparent Amber. I've always wanted a Gibson Les Paul. I used to have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom that, while it was nice, was just not a Gibson. This thing sings!! Last night I even just sat down for a while to play it unplugged!

I'm really resisting the temptation to play it at work because I have it in my cubicle. Come on by and see it Greg!

Now Playing: "Damage Control" by John Petrucci


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