Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Don't Change Your Passwords!

Last week while I was out we had some problem with a rename request in AdminP. Today, we are having a problem with http password changes. It's not just a minor problem, but the server actually crashes! Check out the error:

Basically, we are having to remove all of the entries in all adminp replicas and then delete the admin4.nsf database on the server that is crashing. Not fun... We're still at 7.0 on our production server. When we called support back today, they said that another customer was calling in at the same time we just did with the same issue at 7.0.1. The other customer crashed after a loading a debug hotfix as well. This is really random because we have been running on 7.0 since November with no adminp issues. There is something new every day, right?

By the way, our Disney trip was awesome!!!!

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